Hello and welcome to Nature is a Language, in this blog I will be discussing a variety of subjects about nature and wildlife.

I’ve always been interested with natural history from an early age. My father was a very keen bird watcher so most family holidays revolved around going to places that were close to great walks and bird watching spots. I even remember spending our nights stuck in a caravan playing Bill Oddie’s Bird Watching Board game.

As a child I was like most other grotty boys of my age interested in creepy crawlies and their like. I wanted to open an insect exhibition in my bedroom. However my mother did slightly protest. Collecting ants and worms and placing them into containers to see how they lived. I tried it. I even once made a house out of Lego for Woodlice to live in. It wasn’t the most suitable of habitats for them however as I soon discovered.

Growing up, I was still interested in nature; however I didn’t really do much about it. I did however base a GCSE art project about bird’s nests and even created a nest myself, which was an exciting project showing I’m nowhere near as skilled as our feathered friends.

Since then I’ve dipped in and out of my interest, however now I’m really starting to get back into it which is what this blog will document. My growing interest in the natural world and what in particular interests me.


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