At last another up date!

Just thought I’d put a new update on here to show that this blog is still active and I’ve not forgotten about it. I’ve just been busy with moving house and stuff. I am and have been for some time working on a new blog piece (which in my opinion is great). I’ve written about half of it just that I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated with it recently. What with being all over the place.

Anyway to relax I’ve been taking walks on Figham Common, which is one of three commons in the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire. It runs along the River Hull and is made up of semi improved grassland and wet pasture containing reed mace and hard rush. I start off by walking along the Beverley Beck and the entrance to Figham is where the Beck joins the River Hull. There’s been some great bird activity, it’s a great place to relax by on a warm night sitting next to the river and watching the swallows feed. Beautiful site! One night I didn’t venture far because the amount of activity at the enterance to Figham from the swallows and swifts was breath-taking. Other birds seen on there include various tits and warblers, skylark and one of my top ten birds the gorgeous and incredibly cute reed bunting. I’ve heard that cormorant and kingfisher have been spotted fishing in the area, but not seen them so far.

Yesterday I had a free day so decided on making a trip to the RSPB reserve Bempton Cliffs. I caught the train at ten and arrived on site just before quarter past eleven. After a quick rest, drink and look at the books in the gift shop I went birding. Walked to the viewing points at the cliffs and was met with brilliant views of gannets (funny they look nothing like a greedy child), razorbills and guillemots. The problem with Bempton’s seabird spectacular is that there are gangs of people at the watch points just hunting to catch a glimpse of a puffin, like it’s the only bird worth seeing even neglecting the wonderful and declining tree sparrows that have their patch around the visitor centre. Maybe I shouldn’t get annoyed too easily, lots of people and things annoying me far too easy and far too quick which is why I guess I like nature so much. I know a lot of people love the puffin, but it’s not really a cute bird. Now a truly cute bird the before mentioned reed bunting had been seen at the feeding station, however I dipped out. I think people confuse bright colours with cuteness and thinking that it makes a bird worth while seeing. That been said I did watch the puffins for a while and believe that all birds are worth seeing. Just that some people seem to ignore all other birds to see a certain one, like when a group of people were scanning the cliffs for the slightest glimpse of that multicoloured beak behind them they were missing a beautiful display of swallows feeding. Overall the day was excellent; I managed to see a whitethroat close up and without binoculars, brilliant! Some great walks around Bempton Cliffs area and plenty of birds to see with great close up views even without the use of optics so I highly recommend it.

Had another wood-pigeon hater today, if you feed birds you should really accept that all birds will come not just the small cute ones that you like.

I will hopefully finish writing my other blog piece in the next few weeks, I won’t say this week as I’ve got long hours at work. But hopefully it will be up here soon.

Further Reading

Birdnerd guide to Figham Common

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2 responses to “At last another up date!

  1. puffins are cute 😛

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