Fantastic Mr. Fox not Ferocious Mr. Fox

In the past year there has been an alarming amount of stories in the media about vicious fox attacks. This started with the reporting that a fox had crept into an upstairs bedroom and attacked two sleeping twins. There have been several other cases, I will comment on the ones I know about during this post.

If you read the comments made in tabloid papers about these “fox attacks” then there’s a pretty even response in for foxes and against foxes. However those who are against the foxes are sometimes pro hunt. They suggest that the problem with these urban foxes is because we’ve banned fox-hunting and should bring it back. You know that so-called sport which took place in the countryside. I wonder if when people write these ludicrous comments they realise the massive contradiction they’re making. How on earth can hunting in the country affect foxes in the city? Foxes existed in the urban environment long before the hunting ban came into force. Furthermore how can bringing back hunting help the problem of fox attacks in the urban environment? Unless they get on their horses, send out their dogs and follow them through the Leeds side streets that the foxes slip down.

The thing that stands out in some of the stories reported is people’s stupidity. First of we have a story of a woman who found a fox in her kitchen. How did the fox get into her kitchen? Because she’d left the cat flap unlocked at night. Not surprised that something entered her house. The reason that this woman was bitten by the fox was that she tried to “shoo” it back out through the cat flap. A genius move! Why not open the door first so the fox felt less threatened? This is a wild animal, it’s most probably confused and scared, of course it will defend its self it you try to “shoo” it. The same goes for the woman who was bitten by the fox in front of her car – You’ve just dazed and startled a wild animal, don’t go towards it to “shoo” it away. Is it really surprising that it bit you? It is like the stories you hear of children being mauled after getting left alone with a family member’s dog. Do these people forget that foxes are wild animals?

The story about a fox been killed because it apparently killed a family’s pet cat is absolutely disgusting. As far as I’m aware there is no real evidence of the fox killing the cat, even if there was what right do we have of putting a family pet –that by the way was nineteen years old, so certainly getting on in life in such high regards? If somebody’s cat killed my pet would it be ok for me to trap it and then “destroy it humanely”? I doubt so, so why are people allowed to kill a wild animal for killing a pet? The man who also trapped and killed the fox is a vet. Great, I though vets are supposed to help animals, not trap, kill and pose smiling happily for a photograph with the dead fox. However the most abhorrent aspect of the story is how they got a small child to pose smiling next to the dead fox as well.

Also as for the woman with the fox in her kitchen, in her article on the sun’s website despite looking strangely smug with herself and her wounded finger, she complains about foxes getting into her next door neighbours chicken coop and killing all 125 chickens. Yet she has no problems owning two cats, which she obviously allows out freely at night to go on whatever murderous rampage they choose. Oh yes, I forgot that it’s ok for wild animals to killed, but not for our pets to be killed. Some people suggest that foxes are evil and kill for fun because of incidents like killing all the chickens in a coop. The fact is they’re not and they don’t, it’s just instinct to make sure it has enough food. Furthermore these days if people can’t be bothered to go to the small cost and effort to fox proof their hen houses then it really is their own fault when a fox kills all their chickens.

I don’t believe that foxes are vicious, evil creatures. They’re just been portrayed in a poor light due to cases were people have been ‘attacked’ because of their own carelessness. There has been an increased reporting of these attacks in the media and an increase of stories about how foxes are getting bigger and taking over their cities. Is there a hidden agenda here? All these attacks have come to light since the Conservatives came to power, would it be foolish internet conspiracy theorising to say if it was in a bid for them to bring back fox-hunting or a cull of foxes? Even if it’s not by them I’m sure that a fair few people out there who would be hoping for an overturning of the ban now that they’re in power.

I think foxes are wonderful beautiful creatures, a few years a go I had a group of foxes living just behind my house. It was a pleasure to be able to sit up at night and watch them go about their lives for the comfort of my back bedroom. I’m not someone who thinks of them as vermin, but clever creatures that have adapted excellently to urban life. My only problem with them however is that their screams during mating season which sound something like an alien getting bludgeoned to death can be pretty disturbing if you hear them as you’re just dropping off to sleep.


Shark Bite by Fox! – The Sun website reports of woman attacked by a fox in the road
Vet poses smugly with dead fox
– The Sun website reports of how a vet killed a fox that killed a cat. Sorry can’t remember the website that showed the horrid picture of a child smiling next to the dead fox
Fox Bites Smug Woman – Why would you look that smug if a fox bit you?
And now for today’s light hearted news story – Report that a fox shot a hunter with the hunter’s own gun (because foxes don’t have guns obviously)


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