Egrets, I’ve seen a few…

Thought I hadn’t blogged my sightings for a while I’d update with Thursdays outing. Mainly because it gave me the chance to use a song reference / pun, which regular readers will know I love to do. Continuing with my pledge to try to visit at least one new birding site that I haven’t birded at before a month and following a discussion on East Yorkshire Birding Forums about Little Egrets I decided it was time I finally paid a visit to High Eske.

To get to High Eske you have to walk along the River Hull from Tickton, the best way to do this from my house is a quick trip through Swinemoor Common. Whilst on Swinemoor I didn’t really see much of interest apart from a large flock of Lapwings getting chased off the flooded fields by a small group of crows. When I got to the River Hull I didn’t really see anything until I reached High Eske. When I arrived I had a quick look on the lake, and could make out mute swans and mallards at this point, so decided to follow the path around the side of the lake towards Pulfin Bog.

As I walked towards the bend where Pulfin starts I could see three Little Egrets resting at the side of the river. Now I’m not a ‘twitcher’ however it’s debatable whether my trip out was ‘to twitch’ as the main reason I headed down to High Eske was for the life tick of a Little Egret, especially as I’d missed out on a large number of Little Egrets by a day or so when I went to Leighton Moss last October. I guess I’d had made the trip to High Eske at some point anyway, however this outing was spurred on by knowing that Little Egrets where roosting in the area. In front of where the Egrets were I also saw a Little Grebe dive into the water, waited a while for both better views of the Egrets and for the Grebe to pop back up but neither happened so I headed back to walking around the lake.

Half way around the lake I came to a screen to look out at the lake, at this point I managed to pick out two Oyster Catchers, a Golden Eye, couple of Pochard, three or four Great Crested Grebe  and Coots all on the lake. Continuing my walk there were several Great and Blue tits among the trees, I also caught the slightest glimpse of a Redwing. When I got to the north point of the lake a flock of Curlew flew quiet low over head. Never before seen that many Curlew, together especially in flight. Must have been around 8 to 10.  I finished the walk of the lake and decided to head back to where I saw the Little Egrets to see if I could get better views, unfortunately they’d moved on but I decided I’d have another walk around the lake. Back at the north point, after passing Pulfin you emerge next to the River Hull again, here I could see a boat sailing down the river in the distance, I watched it for a few moments and this luckily brought my attention to a Little Egret feeding, hidden in a dip on the opposite side of the river.

I walked around to the lake back onto the flood defence and walked past the lake, the flock of Curlew fly by again. I also saw a Redshank fly past. Started walking down the river heading back towards Tickton, whilst walking along the river I saw a little Egret in flight up river towards High Eske. This was the last bird I really saw. Good trip that brought Year list up to 54.



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