Small trip to Kilnsea

I apologise if this blog is any worse than normal with spelling and grammar however writing it on the wordpress app on my phone!

Not done a great amount of birding recently. I ventured out onto Swinemoor last week after a Pectoral Sandpiper had been seen on there however it had gone by the time I could get on site. Did manage to get a Bar-tailed Godwit though so still worth making the journey.

Yesterday was my first proper outing for a while. Decided to go to Kilnsea seen as that was the only place with decent birds not on flood alert! We just went for the afternoon and when we pulled up there was a group of birders looking in a garden. I made enquiries and it they were looking for the greenish Warbler. Waited a while looking but with a few exceptions this isn’t my ideal way of birding. One guy had been there for two hours after missing its last appearance by ten minutes.

Had great views of a kestrel hovering next to the hotel and a pied wag on the roof. Walked down the road and the tide was far out but managed to see redshank, ringed plover and Dunlin. Lots of large gulls out far kept on getting checkout out in a hope for a repeat of the day before’s ospreys.

We walked towards the bluebell not having much look so decided to walk back and get the car and head onto Spurn. When we got to the car a birder told us the Greenish Warbler was now showing well and gave us directions. Saw the man from earlier who was now in a much happier mood for seeing the Warbler. Waited around 10 minutes before the Greenish showed again. Very smart little bird but not sure I could be bothered waiting 3 hours to see it! Also saw 4 pale bellied Brent geese swimming by as we waited. A goose I’ve never seen before but now probably my favourite goose!

We drove down to the canal scrape hide for a quick look. Managed to see a Redstart (3rd lifer of the day) and got talking to a couple who told us were the Yellow Browed Warblers had been seen. With time getting on we decided not to bother with Spurn and went to the pub car park to hopefully get Barbed Warbler, Yellow Browed or Red Breasted Flycatcher. Fair amount of birders watching so gardens so waited with them for a while before walking along the canal I managed to not see any of these but got great views of a very obliging deer that seemed completely  unbothered by human presence.

A little further a long we were alerted to a YB Warbler in a bush. Sadly I missed out on it by seconds. My step father had more luck and saw it disappear into thick vegetation. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see if it reappeared and headed for the car.


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