Badger Cull – Hidden Agenda?

With the recent media and social networking buzz around the badger cull a lot has been said from both sides. I am strongly opposed to the cull because it lacks the credible science. I can however sympathise with the farmers in hot spot areas wanting  a cull in the belief it will stop the devastating loss they face when bTB is found in one of their herds.  However what drives those MPs who are for the cull to have their stance? Are they worried about the livelihoods of farmers in their constituency? When checking on which MPs voted for a cull I was disappointed to see my MP Mr Graham Stuart vote for the cull. In knowing that he would also vote for a repeal in the hunting act I decided to investigate how the other MPs for the cull would vote on a repeal of the hunting act.

MP Party Hunting Act Repeal
Baldry, Sir Tony Conservative For
Bingham, Andrew Conservative For
Bruce, Fiona Conservative No Reply
Carmichael, Neil Conservative For
Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey Conservative For
Cox, Geoffrey Conservative For
Eustice, George Conservative For
Freeman, George Conservative For
Garnier, Sir Edward Conservative For
George, Andrew Liberal Democrat Against
Hart, Simon Conservative For
Herbert, rh Nick Conservative For
Hollobone, Mr Philip Conservative For
Howarth, Sir Gerald Conservative For
Jones, Andrew Conservative For
Lefroy, Jeremy Conservative For
McIntosh, Miss Anne Conservative For
Mills, Nigel Conservative Against
Paice, rh Sir James Conservative For
Paisley, Ian Democratic Unionist Unknown
Rees-Mogg, Jacob Conservative For
Robertson, Mr Laurence Liberal Democrat For
Rogerson, Dan Liberal Democrat Against
Spencer, Mr Mark Conservative No Reply
Stuart, Graham Conservative For
Wallace, Ben Conservative For
Williams, Roger Liberal Democrat For
Wollaston, Dr Sarah Conservative Against
Wiggin, Bill Conservative For
Parish, Neil Conservative For

Twenty three out of the thirty MPs who are for a badger cull are also for a repeal in the hunting ban. That’s 76%! It’s also interesting to know that Owen Paterson Secretary of State for Defra who is really determined for a cull to happen (and reportedly seems to get quite angry about it in interviews) is for a repeal in the hunting law. Additionally Richard Benyon under-secretary for State at defra, a man who was quite keen to let people go out and kill buzzards is also for a repeal of the hunting ban.

76% of MPs who voted for a cull in the badger debate and Defra ministers who want the cull (or to cull other animals) also want to repeal the hunting act. Is their science denying opinion on the badger cull on that is built because it’s what’s best for the farmers, country, economy or whatever reason they gave or is their opinion one that they believe the countryside is just a playground for those with guns and hounds to go around killing things?

Data for MPs vote on badger cull can be found at:
Data for MPs stance on a repeal of the hunting act can be found at:


2 responses to “Badger Cull – Hidden Agenda?

  1. An interesting read and well researched. I do not have a strong stance either way regarding the cull or fox hunting but as you say the science doesn’t seem to support the argument for a cull and the motives of many MP’s is certainly questionable. Vaccination of cattle is definitely the way forward in the future but the current vaccines are not really effective yet and problems also remain regarding EU rules regarding any future vaccination program. Hopefully a solution to this emotive and divisive issue will soon be found and a cull can be avoided.

  2. It’s also been suggested that the shooting / game-fishing estates see the badger cull as aiding their cause. Make inroads on the legally protected badgers and you soften up voters for stage 2, “controlling” the numbers of hawks, falcons and, possibly, even otters.

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