Twenty something (if you know please tell me, I’ve forgotten!) nature fan. This blog is mainly used to show case where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. However I do occasionally write blog pieces to do with environmental or general nature issues. All of them usually contain bad grammar and puns I’m not sorry for either.

I’m currently at college doing a course that will hopefully lead on to me doing a degree in Ecology. My main interests lies in birds however I’m trying to get more interested in mammals, moths and fungi.

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  1. Mate, just love this blog. Your Morrisey/Marr references made me smile, great stuff. We have some resident peregrines here, have had some marvellous times spotting them over the years, they cruise through the suburbs here to whack pigeons around grain silos. When I moved to this dodgy town I had a marvellous experience when one sailed through my backyard at low altitude on dusk, so I tracked that direction and found them nesting on a huge rock wall in an abandoned quarry. All the best from Toowoomba, Oztraylia

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